why hang anything on your brain?

the most productive day is that last day at work before you fly on summer holidays. when you finish everything, you hang this DONE-FOR-TODAY sign on your brain and you feel freedom. nothing left to do.


daily does this every day. it's your list of things to do TODAY. when you finish those, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy.

daily is designed as a lightweight alternative to the big to-do apps. no folders, inboxes, outboxes, think-in-boxes, no haunting notifications, no red badges on the icon. just your list of things to do today - on your iPhone, iPad and APPLE WATCH.

plus of course the daily DONE-FOR-TODAY experience of freedom.

here's the science behind daily:

how to have the list of things to do TODAY only from The Modern Lifestyle Apps

how it feels to use daily looks a bit like this:

download presskit [dropbox]